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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs  3:5,6
cassieThank you to these artists who have given of their time and talents to support Make A Diffe

Cassandra's Story

     Cassandra “Cassie” Hart, wife and mother to three lovely children, was born in Us Naval Hospital, San Diego, California in 1977.  Within three months the family was transferred to Holy Loch Scotland a US Submarine base. Then, her father was assigned a four year tour of duty at US Naval base, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Following this, Cassandra's father was reassigned back to Holy Loch Scotland for an extended tour of duty where they remained for many years.

     As a child and young adult, in Scotland, Cassandra spent a lot of her free time  studying dance with the accredited British Dance Association, and playing the guitar.  She enjoyed classical ballet, tap and modern dance.  She also competed in highland Scottish dancing for many years.

     Cassandra studied at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland.  After graduating University with a Scottish Bachelor of Arts in psychology (completing the 1 year additional Scottish Honors Program), she taught elementary English within the international community in Bern, Switzerland. 

     Upon returning to the US in May 2004, Cassandra reflects feeling the Holy Spirit drawing her back into an intimate relationship with God. After experiencing the power of prayer and amazing healing In March 2004, she found solace, companionship, strength and healing in the Lord.  She describes this time as a gradual revelation that Christ is real and  is pursuing an intimate relationship with her, as He is all of us, she adds. Cassandra devoted her life to the Lord 2007 and felt called to use her musical gifts for Christ.  She started song writing inspired through heart-felt testimony and the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  

​     Cassandra began writing to share the gospel.  She says she writes to spend time with Him and explains song writing became her passion; God has inspired her to start expressing what He was saying to her and communicating it through music in a way that words can’t.  She believes that music is a powerful way to share gospel truths while at the same time breaking down walls that exist between the believer and the non-believer, Cassandra believes that such approaches (among the many) will help God heal the world.

​     Cassandra served as a children’s worship leader for two years and has lead worship at women’s retreats and large women’s bible studies.  She has also served as a leader in MOPS (Mother of Pre-Schoolers) for many years and also runs a women’s Bible study in her home.

     In 2012 Cassandra formed the Dove and the Melody, a Christian harmony duet, where she had an opportunity to showcase her song writing for the first time.  After the duet disbanded Cassandra continued song writing to pursue a solo career.

     Cassie would like to thank Pastor Stephen Perillo for his mentorship, and continuing to encourage her to use her gift for the Lord.
rence Ministries. 
lutz Richard John Lutz
Freeland, PA

Check out the band
    Less of Us
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mike lewisMike Lewis
Nashville, TN
mike lewis2

Mike continues to write and record in Nashville and perform live.  He's opened for various artists, including the Oak Ridge Boys.  He also does solo acoustic shows.

cristabelleCristabelle Braden cristabelle In May 2013, Cristabelle released her second EP entitled  I Am Yours followed by a summer tour throughout eastern PA and the surrounding area (including a week in Lynchburg, VA) playing shows with both Making A Difference Ministries and the Acoustic Roadshow  
cp   A singer/song writer from Williamsport, PA Chris Pick's music has been heard globally and has charted on several continents in both mainstream pop and Christian.  Pick's first CD release "Thank You For The Music" (released for John Lennon's 20th Memorial, Dec 8, 2000 and produce my Johnny J Blair) premiered in the Holy City of Israel and reached #1 on the KAOS FM charts in Australia. Pick immediately began studio work on new songs in 2002 as a follow-up to the highly successful Lennon tribute but geared towards global missions. in 2008 Pick returned to teh music world with his CD release "Songs in black and White" produced by Jerry Lynn. That earned him a Grindle Award through